About CareersCampus

Our Mission

CareersCampus, a product of ScholarlyMinds Ltd., aggregates academic career information – jobs, funding, and events, such as conferences – and is growing in to a central, comprehensive, interdisciplinary and international web resource. The very first of its kind!


Despite the plethora of data available on the web, academic career information on

  • jobs and careers
  • scholarships and grants
  • conferences and training

remains widely fragmented across numerous sources in different formats and in varying qualities.

While the international community of students, faculty and people working in commercial research environments, find it difficult to obtain relevant information, research institutions and corporate firms are facing the problem in effectively advertising and promoting their jobs, funding and events.

CareersCampus aggregates academic career information for both the academic community and corporate customers.

For more information, please contact us on advertisement@careerscampus.com

"Absolutely essential for finding relevant conferences to present one's work and exchange ideas with other students. I found dozens of interesting events on CareersCampus ..."

Almuth Wietholtz, D.Phil. Comparative Social Policy, University of Oxford