Launch Party @ Oxford

In order to celebrate the successful launch of ScholarlyMinds in Oxford, we invited friends and scholarly minds to our launch party at the University Club. Curiosity to hear more about our new service centralising academic content and the opportunity to meet other like-minded people - and we hope not the free drinks - lured many to show up and to join the academic community there and online!

Camilla and Tatjana did a great job promoting our site, Jake took terrific fotos, and Jochen and me tried hard to answer all your questions ;o)

It was a great evening about partying and socialising; furthermore, many of you present that night provided very helpful feedback. Therefore, we can only but thank you for your company and response.

There is not much to be added to Christan's description of the event - overall it was great fun and we are already looking forward to the launch event in London early next year.

Below, please find some impression of the evening - many thanks to Jake from again.

Watch that space for updates,

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