Picking up pace again

We have been quiet for a while now, but by no means lazy! After investing putting in some late hours, we have now developed a crawler prototype which will help us immensely aggregating content on our site. We are still testing the prototype on a small set of sources but don't you worry: the big push will come soon!

Also, we passed the first round and have now been invited to pitch in front of Agile Ventures' proven and successful entrepreneurs Mark Pritchard and Andy Yates. Saying that we are excited you be a modest understatement! Should we make it through and get the offered seed investment and invaluable advice, we could finally afford to employ these great few people that we keep on that always-open Rolodex under: awesome! And development could be pushed hard to bring home...Fingers crossed for next week :-)


"CareersCampus is amazing! I found my scholarship there! It is the first international database for student funding…! "

Parnesh Sharma, M.Phil., University of Cambridge