Associate Professorship in Sound Communication and Behaviour

open until filled
Natural Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics
University of Southern Denmark
Odense, Denmark

The Department of Biology at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense, invites applications for an associate Professorship in Sound Communication and Behaviour to start by 1 January 2014.

Research in sound communication and behaviour at the department comprises investigation of sound production, hearing, propagation of sound and neurophysiological and behavioural reactions to sound signaling in a broad range of animals both vertebrates and insects.

The aim with the advertised position is to consolidate and strengthen the research on neural and muscular control and adaptation of sound production with special emphasis on birds.

Cross disciplinary methodology including behaviour, neuro- and muscle physiology, biophysics, engineering, and mathematical modeling is an important trade-mark of the experimental research approach of the Sound and Behaviour group. Outreach to the public is another issue through public arrangements as well as through the media.

Applicants must have a documented strong research background in the area of sound production and sound communication in birds. Furthermore, experience in and willingness to take part in the outreach activities mentioned above will be important criteria in the selection of the successful candidate.

The successful candidate will have qualifications commensurate with the associate professor rank including an international standing and a well documented teaching experience. The successful candidate will teach basic and advanced biology courses and supervise students at the bachelor, masters and PhD level.

Additional information about the position is available from the Head of the Department of Biology, Marianne Holmer on tel. (+45) 6011 2605; e-mail:

Appointment to the position will be in accordance with the salary agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations.

Applications will be assessed by an expert assessment committee. Each applicant will be informed about the assessment made by the committee.

As part of the overall assessment of the applicant’s qualifications, an interview may be applied.

The application must include:
- A curriculum vitae
- A full list of publications
- Copies of all publications on which the applicant wishes to be evaluated
- A brief survey of the applicant's most important research results and research plans for the next three years
- A teaching portfolio.

Applications must be submitted electronically using the link below. Attached files must be in Adobe PDF or Word format. Each box can only contain a single file of max. 10 Mb. Please read How to apply before you apply.

Since not all members of the appointment committee are Danish-speaking, it is recommended that your application is submitted in English.

The university desires greater equality in scientific positions and encourages all interested applicants to apply, regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnic background.

Further information for international applicants about entering and working in Denmark.


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