Professorships at the College of Urban Transportation and Logistics

open until filled
Natural Sciences, Engineering, Business studies
Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU)
Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU) was established in 2017 and is located in Pingshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Within the next five years, more than 10.000 students will be registered in six colleges. SZTU aspires to become one of the top international Universities of Applied Sciences. The College of Urban Transportation and Logistics at the SZTU offers several professorships.

UTL 10 - Transportation Design, Operation and Maintenance

SZTU is looking for talents with outstanding personalities, who are pleased to introduce engineering fundamentals, professional competence and occupational experience into the education of the students. The candidates must have working experience in industrial companies, organizations or institutions with international background. You should have an open-minded personality with the willingness to work together with companies and to do applied research.

Requirements for Employment:
Ph.D. or equivalent in Engineering - for UTL03 and UTL12 a Ph.D. in Business is also welcomed; at least 3 years working experience outside university; competence and fluency in English; comprehension on Chinese society.

Application Process:
For details of the Professorships, please visit:

Applications have to contain the usual documents (CV, certificates
etc.) and should be sent to before Oct. 31st.

Address: 3002 Lantian Road, Pingshan District,
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, 518118

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